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WordPress is the world leader in semantic content management systems. It’s massive plugins library makes it the most extensible and scalable Open Source Content Management System (CMS) on the market.

Key Topic: How to secure your wordpress installation and protect it from hackers, intruders and malware.

Duration : 2 Hours
Trainer : Damon Taylor (B.Ed)
Cost: $97 per student
Prerequisites: MUST have Administrator access to your website (at least for the day.)
Level of Difficulty: Moderate.  There is nothing hard-core here or any coding or any server reconfiguration. If you can find you way around the wordpress dashboard then this will not be too difficult.
Course Delivery Mode: Small Group Presentation
Laptop/Tablet: BYO and WiFi prefered but not essential.

Key Course Content

Participants will be shown how to:

  1. Add and manage security for wordpress
  2. Minimise login attempts from hackers
  3. Configure reverse proxy services
  4. Mitigate DDOS attacks
  5. Hardening wordpress to minimise injections
  6. Spam reduction techniques

Who Should Attend

  1. Everyone who has a wordpress site and doesn’t have preventative security measures installed
  2. Those experiencing site disruption, reduction in site speed and spam
  3. Those with sensitive data stored within the wordpress installation

On Completion, participants will receive:

  1. Certificate of attainment issued by Peak Marketing Systems.
  2. Notes, resources and links
  3. Membership to the PEAK Marketing Systems High End membership club.
  4. Newsletters with WordPress tips, tricks and shortcuts.
  5. 12 month access to support forums

How to Enrol

Head over to the registration page and look for a workshop in your area.

Payment Methods

PayPal or Direct Deposit. We do not accept cheques unless by prior arrangement

Group Discounts

Book 10 and the eleventh one is free. Either send 11 or receive a voucher a for a free training valued at the same amount.

Appoint one person to collect your registrations and pay in a single payment.


Call Damon on 0403 148 257