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I am always a little nervous doing this training because invariably I stand in front of wordpress fans who have been using wordpress for a long time and know their way around.  Advanced users know that there is always something new to learn, if not from me, but others who attend and join the discussions.  This training is not about PHP or databases but using wordpress better for design, mobile devices, optimisation, extensibility, flexibility and generally working smarter.  Having said all that… I dance with wordpress for a living and I know I have something to offer even the hardened wordpress fans.

Key Topic: We show you how to use wordpress in new and exciting ways.

Duration : 2 Hours
Trainer : Damon Taylor (AKA The Website Guy)
Cost: $97 per student
Level of Difficulty: Advanced
Prerequisites: MUST have a good working knowledge of wordpress.
Course Delivery Mode: Small Group Presentation
Laptop/Tablet: BYO and WiFi preferred but not essential.

Key Course Content

Participants will be shown and discuss:

  1. Themes.  Free, fremium and Premium themes and how to auto update.
  2. Custom Post Types.  What are they, how to use them and some tools.
  3. Plugins that work
  4. SEO
  5. Security
  6. Traffic Sources

Who Should Attend

  1. WordPress designers
  2. WordPress administrators
  3. Performance managers
  4. Advanced administrative staff
  5. People bored with a run of the mill wordpress site

On Completion, participants will receive:

  1. Notes, resources and links
  2. Newsletters with WordPress tips, tricks and shortcuts.

How to Enrol

Head over to the registration page and look for a workshop in your area.

Payment Methods

PayPal or Direct Deposit. We do not accept cheques unless by prior arrangement

Group Discounts

Book 10 and the eleventh one is free. Either send 11 or receive a voucher a for a free training valued at the same amount.

Appoint one person to collect your registrations and pay in a single payment.


Call Damon on 0403 148 257