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Website Design

Websites-250Not All Websites are Created Equal!

Good website architecture is the difference between:

  • your site functioning as an interactive transactional business destination
  • or an expensive technical headache that has no real benefit to the bottom line of your business.

I call these sites business card sites because they serve little purpose other than to provide your phone number… just like a business card.

If you already have a website and its not meeting your expectations, then its time to make your site deliver.  You may not need a new site but it may need some fine tuning.

Modern websites are an extension of your business providing you with the tools and means to interact, engage and sell.

Your website can do all this 24/7 because technology never sleeps.

We use content management systems (CMS) to build our sites.

Our preferred platform is wordpress because it offers an extensive array of plugins that can add further functionality to your website.

When we build websites we also give you the option to make it compatible with smart phones and tablets.  Most web developers use responsive design to render the website in any view port or screen.  In other words the site reorganises itself to fit in a smaller screen.  In most cases this technique works and in some cases it looks horrible.  Needless to say… your site doesn’t want to be the horrible one!

Therefore, we purpose build your smart phone and tablet sites.

This means that the site will always fit in the screen allowing your customers a better experience no matter what kind of device they are using.  With so many more people using mobile devices in all kinds of situations, not properly catering for these customers means that you leaving money on the table.

We build small sites starting at $695 to much larger custom sites.

We will produce and itemised quote and support level agreement for you to compare with other vendors.  Call us to discuss your requirements and we will collate the necessary tools and resources for you to have a look at.