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Website Content Drop Off

So that I can better manage all your site content, please:

1. ZIP all your images into a SINGLE zip file. Makre sure you RENAME your zip file with your name eg Damon_Taylor.zip. Make sure your images are good quality.

2. Type all your site content tinto a SINGLE word document. Each new page in your document will represent a new page in your website. Add the page title at the top of each new page (eg Home Page, About, Contact etc…). Where you want an image, please type “place image here” with the image name eg MyPhoto.jpg. This way I can place the images on the correct page.

3. If you have youtube content, please include the link to the video in your word document.

4. If you have any other media eg PDF documents that are downloaded by your site visitors, please zip these up with your photos. In your word document, please add some instructions for me as to which document needs linking.

5. RENAME your word document eg DamonTaylor.docx