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Short Course Training Outlines

Our workshops are designed to be short  sharp trainings so that techniques can be applied immediately.

Learn WordPress

  1. WordPress How to Manage Content
  2. WordPress Installation
  3. WordPress From Beginning to End (Whole Day)
  4. Using WordPress to Capture New Business Leads
  5. WordPress Security Management
  6. WordPress for Power Users
  7. Free WordPress.com Setup and Management (wordpress is free but the course isn’t!)

Learn Mail Chimp

  1. Mailchimp Setup and Broadcast
  2. Mailchimp Business Lead Capture

Learn Google Docs

  1. Introduction to Google Apps
  2. Google Apps for Better Business Productivity

Social Media

  1. Easy Social Media for Business

Search Engine Optimisation

  1. SEO for the Google Monster

Google Tools

  1. Connecting Google Tools: Places, Analytics, Adsense, Youtube, Picasa, Docs

Digital Media

  1. Fireproof Photos and Video for the Disorganised.