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PEAK Marketing Systems crafts and tailors highly targeted bespoke packages for our clients.  We use an array of metrics to tailor highly effective campaigns which use google analytics.

We take privacy and security seriously.  When we build products for our clients, they soon realize how pedantic we are when it comes to security.  Our products are built with security in mind.

When consumers are browsing our site, we adopt the following principles:

Email Addresses

We never sell or rent email addresses.  Ever.


We don’t use cookies for tracking purposes, but our systems sometimes use cookies to make things easier to use.

IP Addresses

There are times where we collect IP addresses as a security measure.  IP address information will never be sold or rented or provided at any third party unless explicitly requested by legal authorities.

Personal Data

We never give anyone else your data unless request by law.  We encourage you (everyone) to be very careful with your personal information, not just on our site but all the other sites you visit too.

Financial Information

We do not store financial information.  All our financial processing is always done in the payment processor site eg paypal of the banks.  We do this deliberately so that we do not have to take responsibly for sensitive financial information.  When payments are complete the processor sends the customer back to our site.

Data Encryption

During the exchange of sensitive data we use data encryption certificates where possible.  The use of certificates can be identified with a padlock symbol in the browser address bar.