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Our client services are bespoke installations dependent on need and every client is at different stages of their business.  All our services come with phone support backed with years of internet marketing experience.

Pricing Guide (to be used as a guide only… all packages are customized to your needs)

  1. eBusiness Consulting
  2. Website Design and Installtion
  3. Naked Installs
  4. Search Engine Optimisation
  5. Google Adwords
  6. Social Media Integration
  7. Web Apps for Mobile Phone and Tablets
  8. Shopping Carts

One Hour Consult: $110

Face to face or phone discussion with Damon to outline the plan you have for your business and website.  During the consult you will advised on:

  • Website Platforms
  • Web hosting.  Good ones and bad ones.
  • Domain Names.  What words should be in your doman name
  • Search Engine Optimisation Basics.  What to look for and what to stay away from
  • Electronic advertising opportunities and options.
  • Social Media basics
  • Communication systems
  • Business tools
  • Site architecture and navigation

We don’t offer advice on:

  • We are not accountants.  We do not offer financial advice, however we can offer general advice on accessing qualified financial services and point you in the right direction to find reputable online financial content.
  • We are not lawyers.  Our best advice is to seek legal advice, especially when establishing contracts and the like.

The advice I give you during this session is actionable resource rich information which you can take away and do yourself if you wanted to.  You never leave empty handed.  Therefore you could leave after a micro training session armed with several strategies for you to work on.  If were needing general guidance only, then a one hour session will give you plenty to think about.

At the end of the one hour consult, you will have a clear understanding of what is needed to deploy your website,  attract customers and retain them.  Even if you decide not to use Peak Marketing Systems to construct your site, you will have enough information to source and contact a designer to implement all the marketing and design components required to make a modern and functional website.

This process is greatly speeded up when you commission Peak Marketing Systems to complete the work for you.

The fee for this will be deducted from the overall price if you decide to commission Peak Marketing Systems to complete your site.

Basic Website Design, Research, Installation

Stage 1: 40% of the price as a non refundable deposit to begin work and collate the necessary resources.

  • Collaborate and begin site construction

Stage 2: Often week 2, 40% of the price

  • Further revisions and tweaks are made.
  • Live demonstration of the site.

Stage 3: Final 20% of the price.

  • Site uploaded
  • Final SEO is completed and sent to Google and other search engines.

Stage 4: all inclusive annual support and hosting 20% of the price annually.

  • Phone support
  • Email support
  • Site adjustments
  • WordPress training
  • Ongoing SEO
  • Hosting fees
  • Domain name fees

A typical installation includes:

  1. Domain Name
  2. Hosting
  3. Design Meeting where the site is discussed and framed.
  4. Site Revisions
  5. Header artwork
  6. Lead capture and lead management
  7. Social media links
  8. Contact forms
  9. Photo gallery
  10. On page Search Engine Optimisation and keyword research

Naked Installs $220

Install your CMS or Shopping Cart for you and you add the content yourself.

We install PHP/MySQL packages only.  If you don’t know what this is that OK… we can check it out for you.


  • Access to your web host.  (If you don’t have web hosting… we can provide that for a few extra dollars)
  • A domain name.  (If you don’t have one yet… we can help with that too)

What to expect

  • Installation of all file on your webhost
  • Installation of the MySQL database
  • Administration set up so that you can log into your new site

Search Engine Optimization

Report Only: $97

This is where we provide you with an analysis of your site and measure its performance in search results against your key words using state of the art analysis software.  The report contains 33 metrics used by search engines such as google to place your site on a page one search result.  The report is extremely comprehensive and provides you with a rich set of information to improve your site performance.

Report PLUS on page SEO

Small Sites (10 pages or less): $220

Medium Sites (40 pages or less): $695

Larger Sites : Call us

On page SEO where we adjust your pages for maximum search effectiveness using the report to guide us.


  • Administrator access to your CMS (eg wordpress password)
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) access to your web host (eg password to login to your account)

Report PLUS on Page SEO and ONGOING off page link building

There are different ways to build links and the utmost care must be taken.  Call us to discuss your requirements and we can work with you on generating a link profile to maximize your site exposure.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the most effective way to drive traffic to your website.

What to expect

  • Account Setup and Management
  • Campaign Setup and Targets
  • Ongoing Monitoring and analytics
  • Website adjustments to better reflect your advertsing campaings.
  • Custom landing pages.

We will give you a price depending on your need.  Call us for advice.


Social Media Integration $97

This is where we create your social media pages for you and then integrate them into your website.


  • Setup and create facebookpage with custom header design and logo
  • Integrate the facebook page into your website
  • Basic advice on how to maintain your facebook page

Google Plus

  • setup and create a Google Plus page with custom header and logo
  • Integrate the Google Plus page into your website
  • Basic advice on how to maintain your Google Plus page

Smart Phone and Tablet web Applications $247 

WordPress Sites Only

This is a true web app for your wordpress site… not a responsive theme that adapts to the window size!

Our apps detect the device (rather than the screen size) and load in the custom web app for your site rendering it perfectly in mobile devices.  This makes your site look tailor made and gives it a tremendously professional look.


 Shopping Carts $197

Bulk import products into your shopping cart.