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Naked Installs

Emotes-face-embarrassed-iconNaked installs are where you just want our expertise to install your CMS, shopping cart, forum, blog etc for you and then you will add the content yourself.

You just want the site installed and nothing else.

This is what we call a naked install.

We provide all the techno know how to get your “naked” site up and running.  We then show you how to login to begin adding your content.

This is an easy way to get started and avoids the hassles of connecting databases, file transfers, DNS changes, php configuration and all the rest of the stuff that is only ever done once.

We also offer easy hosting for your site too.

Most of the installations we do are open source PHP/MySQL setups.  The more common of these we do include:

To install any of these for you need a web host that provides the following:

  1. Linux platform is preferable but windows hosts will run these as well
  2. PHP enabled
  3. MySQL databases enabled

Most web hosts are set up so that each of these will run “out of the box”.  But in some cases, server configuration adjustments need to be made which will delay the final installation.

Before we start, we need:

  1. Your username and password to your web host control panel
  2. the web address of the control panel

Once the installation is complete, you MUST change your password so that only you have access.

In most cases we can have you up and running in the same day.

Call us to discuss your requirements and we can get you started today.