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MS Access Database Repairs

ms-access-logoYou have landed on this page more than likely because something very very wrong has happened with your database.  Most likely the data has been corrupted and it won’t work properly and your backups … well… you may not have a backup!

The good news is we can repair most MS access databases!  We can’t fix all of them for various reasons … but we have a high success rate.

But… we don’t want to fill you full of false hope either.  It really depends on the level of damage that will determine the state of repair.  If you are lucky we can deliver it 100% repaired.  If not it may be around 80% repaired with some corruption.  In these cases you cannot expect to have the DB working as normal.  In unlucky cases… its way to corrupted and we just can’t fix it.

We only charge you if we can fix it!

Some Possible Solutions

There is some good software on the market which will repair corrupt MS Access databases.  Each piece of software ranges from $50 to $1000 but you never really know if it will do the job properly until after its bought.  Some offer free trials but with limited functionality.

You could spend a whole lot of time and money buying software that may or may not do what you want.

Our experienced databse engineers only use the very best tools.  If we cannot repair it… its may take you a while to find someone that can.

Here is what we do:

  1. We scan and fix Microsoft Access data bases only.  Nothing else.
  2. In most cases we can restore the database and it will function as it did.  Yay!  Consider yourself lucky and make a backup!
  3. In some cases we can salvage most of the data which we can send back to you.  Yay.  Not ideal but it will give you enough useable data to begin a rebuild.
  4. In unlucky cases we cannot fix the DB and we don’t charge you.  We can’t be fairer than that.

Here is what we don’t do.

  1. We don’t rebuild databases.  We can recover the data… but we don’t touch anything else.
  2. We don’t make design changes.
  3. We don’t adjust VBA code
  4. We don’t change anything


Our company does not operate outside the law.  In other words if your database contains information that is illegal you need to seek help elsewhere.


Once your database has been scanned, we delete it after 24 hours.  We don’t need it.  We don’t want it.  We don’t sell it.  We get rid of it.  It’s not in our interest to keep databases… unless of course they are illegal in which case we will forward it to the appropriate authorities.

BEFORE you upload to us.

  1. ZIP your database.  Our servers will NOT accept a raw MS Access DB.  It just won’t.  So zip it first.
  2. RENAME the zip file to your name or your company name (for obvious reasons)
  3. DON’T Panic.  I know the feeling of loosing data (why do you think I know how to do this stuff?)
  4. Do something else (it eases the panic a little bit) whilst we have a look at it and we will be in contact very soon… hopefully with the good news.

The cost of repair is $250 USD and emailed to you on payment.

Lets hope we can fix your DB for you!