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Marketing Lists

Marketing, Research and Planning Lists

These days smart marketers, researchers and planners  not only need lists but they need MAPS  to better plan a strategic approach to their work.

That’s why our lists are bundled with KML (keyhole markup language) co-ordinates to plot using mapping applications such as Google Places, Google Earth and others.  We also provide easy to understand tutorials to make it all work.  Mapping data provides a whole new dimension to your productivity.

Lear how to import the data into popuplar mapping appliactions here

Generic DEMO Data can be downloaded here.  Included in the demo data set is a demo spreadsheet and a demo KML file.  This will show you how all the data is organised for easy manipulation.  The data is generic.  Just be aware that even though the data may net be closely related to your industry, it will give you a good idea of what you can expect after purchase

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