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Learn Word Press

wordpressWord Press Training Courses

Course Outlines

For beginners and Professionals.  Want to learn something specific that not listed here?  Just ask and we can include it for you.


WordPress Business Starter Course

Just started a business or thinking about starting a business using WordPress?

  • What is wordpress and how it works
  • Tour of a new wordpress install
  • How to add pages and posts
  • How to organise a site
  • Tools to get you started
  • How to get noticed and get business

WordPress Hobby Blogger Course

Do you have your own blog and want to learn a few tips and tricks

  • Customising Pages and Posts
  • Keep your fans coming back
  • Writing better articles
  • Advertising on your blog

WordPress Beter Business Course

Do you have your own wordpress business site and could use some guidance on how to make it work better for you?

  • WordPress SEO.  The truth about what works and what doesn’t
  • Getting your site business ready
  • Managing your media
  • Customer engagement
  • Your digital footprint and identity

WordPress Serious Business Course

For experienced users who want to better manage their site and add some power functionality.  This course assumes you know your way around wordpress.  Not for the feint hearted.

  • Speeding up wordpress.  Caching, CDNs and leaner code
  • Plugins that every business needs
  • WordPress SEO for best results
  • Custom Posts types
  • Digital Marketing From Basics to Pro
  • Adding digital products
  • Shopping and booking systems
  • Setting up a sales funnel
  • Newsletters and auto responders