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Installing WordPress is like riding a bike.  After doing it once it’s very straight forward.  In fact WordPress is famous for its 5 minute install.  But don’t be fooled, in actual fact it takes longer than 5 minutes because it involves database preparation and some other configurations as well.  But if all that is set up before hand… it could well take fewer than 5 minutes!

WordPress can be set up on a server for the world to see or locally on a laptop or intranet.

Key Topic: How to install the latest version of WordPress on a server or laptop.

Duration : 2 Hours
Trainer : Damon Taylor (AKA The Website Guy)
Cost: $97 per student
Level of Difficulty: Moderate
Prerequisites: Able to follow software installation instructions.  No coding.
Course Delivery Mode: Small Group Presentation
Laptop/Tablet: BYO and WiFi prefered but not essential.

Key Course Content

Participants will be shown how to:

  1. Download and install essential installation tools
  2. Download the latest wordpress core files
  3. Accessing the server
  4. WordPress server-side installers
  5. Setup the database used by wordpress with phpMyAdmin.
  6. Install wordpress to a server via FTP upload
  7. Connect and configure the database
  8. Setup basic security measures
  9. Install wordpress on a laptop using LAMP or WAMP.

Who Should Attend

  1. DIY wordpress operators
  2. Affiliate marketers who have a family of sites.
  3. Technicians new to wordpress
  4. Agencies who use wordpress for their clients
  5. Those who intend to install multiple wordpress sites.
  6. WordPress designers.

On Completion, participants will receive:

  1. Notes, resources and links
  2. Newsletters with WordPress tips, tricks and shortcuts.

How to Enrol

Head over to the registration page and look for a workshop in your area.

Payment Methods

PayPal or Direct Deposit. We do not accept cheques unless by prior arrangement

Group Discounts

Book 10 and the eleventh one is free. Either send 11 or receive a voucher a for a free training valued at the same amount.

Appoint one person to collect your registrations and pay in a single payment.


Call Damon on 0403 148 257