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Google Adwords

Google-Adwords-250What are Google Adwords?

Essentially they are the ads that appear on the right hand side and sometimes above google search results.

In 5 minutes, anybody can create an ad and have it seen by millions of people.  Never before in history has advertising been so accessible with a reach far and wide yet so targeted to a particular audience.

Its the most powerful advertising platform on the planet.

But Google Adwords can also burn a serious hole in your credit card with little or no result if you don’t know what you are doing.

So whilst I am a huge fan of Google Adwords… its complicated.  There is an art not only to the advertising itself but how to handle customers when the click on your add after they land on your site.

Adwords should not just be about funnelling traffic to ones website.  It should also be about capturing the prospect so that you may remarket to them after you have already paid for the click to get them there.

The best way to get started with adwords is to have a Google Adwords certified professional start you off in the right direction.  After that, one can manage their own google adwords advertising or continue to have if professionally managed.   Either way we are here to help.