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Free Web Hosting Package

When you commission Peak Marketing Systems to build your website you get your web hosting Free.

No.  its not a gimmick.  We include all your webhosting as part of our service arrangements.  We take care of all the renewals so that you don’t have to.


When Peak Marketing Systems builds your website, you get:

  • FREE website hosting
  • Up to 10 Email accounts
  • FREE $100 Google Adwords Advertising Voucher
  • Content Management System
  • Expert Design
  • Expert Advice
  • Packages to suit your budget
  • Ongoing Phone and Email Support
  • Terms and Conditions Apply

When browsing our site, others found the following information useful in helping them make decisions:

  1. Guide to Hiring a website Designer/Developer
  2. Service Level Agreement Plans (Everyone needs one of these so that I can assist when you need help)
  3. Peak Marketing Systems Design and Develpment Contract (This is the agreement I like you to sign so that we have an understanding about who does what)
  4. Testimonials
  5. Courses and Training Outlines
  6. Our Instructional Articles Blog

Terms and Conditions

All sites built by Peak Marketing Sytems come with a 3 year Service Level Agreement which is scalable to your support needs.

Website Hosting

  1. Web Hosting is provided by PEAK Marketing Systems at our discretion when your site is built by us and fits within the scope of our infrastructure parameters.  We support PHP/MySQL HTML sites.  Sites with other configurations cannot be supported on a free tier plan.
  2. Hosting comes without direct access to the host accout but you are still able to manage your website using your own site login.
  3. At our discretion, you may transfer your site to us provided you undertake a 3 year Service Level Agreement with us.

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

  1. All sites built and managed by Peak Marketing Systems come with a 3 year Service Level Agreement
  2. SLA’s come in different flavours to suit your support needs and budget.


  1. On cancellation of your SLA you simply pay the remainder of your support agreement.
  2. There are no cancellation fees

Acceptable Use

  1. Peak Marketing Systems reserves the right to close down sites without notice at any time for breahes of our acceptable use guidelines.
  2. It goes without saying…SPAM will not be tolerated.