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Thankyou FLC

Thanks for your interest in our Finding Loyal Customers Training.

We will be in touch very soon.

Here’s a marketing tip you can do straight away.

Always… and I mean always create an automated email signature when sending emails so that your email is always sent with your contact information.

Your email signature is also one of the best ways to create incidenatal and soft sell brand awareness.

Here’s how.

Create your email signature as normal eg

Damon Taylor
Peak Marketing Systems
4A 18 Main Street Noth Tamborine
Ph 0403 148 257

Below your signaure block, add your services eg

Ask how your website could be doing better!
We don’t just do websites.  We do:
  • Training Programs
  • eMarketing Consulting, Planning and Placement
  • Custom Business Systems
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google and Facebook advertising campaigns
  • Printing: Brochures, Ads, Graphics, Magazines
  • Database Design and Repairs
  • Data Mining: Collation of data from the web
  • Promotional Products: shirts, pens, coffee cups
  • Video Conversion

You can also add images etc but just remember not all email programs display images.  Its best to stick with plain text.
Ideas for signature blocks.  You could add

  • Services
  • products
  • restaurants might include a food menu
  • specials
  • upcoming events
  • handy tips, safety tips
  • links to parts of your site
  • useful info
  • newsletter subscription link

By adding value to your emails positions you as an expert and builds trust.

Make sure you send me an email to show off your news email signature [email protected]