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eMarketing Consulting

Consultingx250By definition, consultants are used to provide expertise and strengthen gaps in a business.

We do this too… but we do more than just deliver advice.

We help you embed structured business systems designed to streamline and manage aspects of you business to optimise customer response and retain your customers.

Based in Mount Tamborine overlooking the Gold Coast and only 50 minutes from Brisbane,  Peak Marketing Systems offers professional consulting for businesses who need to tighten up their online strategies.  There are a number of areas where coaching and advice can be offered such as, but not limited to:

  1. Website design, layout, functionality
  2. eMarketing Strategies that penetrate new and existing markets
  3. eMarketing strategies that consolidate an existing customer base for increased reselling
  4. Search Engine Optimisation
  5. Social Media traction
  6. Business systems
  7. Email management
  8. Customer relations systems
  9. Business productivity
  10. Website Statistical Analysis

Most businesses use PEAK as a virtual part of their team.  In other words, consultancy often occurs during collaborative team meetings to so that the advice and strategies are embedded within the business team.  This way the expertise can be leveraged and applied on a wider scale across the business resulting in better business economy.

Consultancy Modes?

PEAK operates in 3 distinct ways:

  1. You come to us and work in the boardroom with your team.  You will be free of the usual distractions in your workplace
  2. PEAK comes to you and work with your team on site.  On site productivity evaluation can be applied.
  3. We collaborate via the internet on a recorded session that you can play back at any time either for personal use or for play back to a team.
  4. One off needs analysis survey and assessment.

The first step

Its normal practice for a business to call and discuss their requirements.  From here PEAK will:

  1. Conduct a needs analysis survey
  2. Collate the necessary resources and tools
  3. Consult with you (and your team) on a short-term contractual basis.
  4. Provide strategies to implement and embed new strategies
  5. Provide periodic implementation feed back
  6. Refine strategies where necessary
  7. Provide further advice as needed


The final fee for consultancy services will depend on the scale of the project, your needs and the level of support you might need to implement and embed systems.