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About Peak Marketing Systems

Peak Marketing Systems is a Marketing and Advertising Agency located in Mount Tamborine.

We are a multi disciplined agency assisting business strategically and intelligently focus on manageable aspects of their electronic market visibility.

Essentially we specialize in websites.  The once humble website is now a dynamic integrated tool that is capable of much more than just displaying your phone number.  To this end, we build sites purpose-built for the target audience.

We build functional sites such as

  • Shopping Carts
  • Product Directories and Catalogues
  • Business Directories
  • Business Services
  • Photo and Video Galleries
  • Lead Capture and Conversion
  • Membership Sites
  • Blogs
  • Business Portfolios
  • Personal Resumes and Portfolios
  • Resource Directories (eg searchable libraries)
  • Real Estate Sites
  • Multisites (one site with lots of sub sites)
  • School Sites, Newsletters, online Tuckshops

We are located at 4A 18 Main Street North Tamborine, Queensland 4272 Ph 0403 148 257

About Damon Taylor – Owner Peak Marketing Systems

DamonSmall80x80My name is Damon Taylor and I am the owner of Peak Marketing Systems.

I am an entrepreneur and always have been.  The only reason I didn’t start in business earlier in life was fear of failure.  I grew up in a time where I was told to get a job and work hard.  I was told that the best jobs would be those with a University education.  So that what I did.  I completed a degree, got a job and worked hard.

Always the entrepreneur, I would be the one to think outside the square, challenging the status quo and wanting to be different.  Working with teams of people who wouldn’t work outside their comfort zone tended to make me the odd one out.  This was frustrating because I was always anchored by guidelines that produced things that were the same as everyone else.

After 15 years I realized that being bound by the agenda of others wasn’t working for me.  So at 35 I began my life as a small business operator and I have never looked back.  Now in my 40’s, I have a wealth in industry and small business experience.

Working in large teams taught me how technology has an amazing collaborative power.  My time in industry was an essential part of my learning.  It’s where I learnt the value of integrated data systems and my first business was actually called Student Data Systems.  In time this evolved in to Peak Marketing Systems where I work exclusively with schools and small business to develop smarter, practical and more productive business and education systems.

All the products I produce are systems.  Whether it’s a website or a database, they are all purpose build systemic approaches to streamlining processes.  From shopping carts to automated email reminders… it’s all for a strategic reason.

Come and spend an hour with me and you will walk away with actionable ideas that you can either do yourself or we can work together to put your own ideas to work.

I look forward to working with you.


Damon Taylor